Friday, April 4, 2014

Easter Themed Crafts: Easter Egg Tree

Easter Themed Crafts: Easter Egg Tree!
With Easter just around the corner I thought I would get into the spirit and do some decorating. I was at work when I saw my boss had a similar idea to this one which gave me the idea. This is such an easy and cheap decoration to put together and looks amazing once finished.  
What you need:
- Easter Decorations (I bought mine from a $2.00 shop)
- Mason Jar or Vase
- Small pebbles or anything to fill jar
- Branch (I got mine out of the paddock)
Step 1) Clean jar (if necessary) then place branch inside and start filling it with the pebbles, until it is full to the top and doesn't move.
Step 2) Now you simply start adding your decorations until you are happy.
After doing this I also added an Easter egg plate which I placed a few spare eggs on.
I also bought 2 tea light candle holders that tied in with the purple and blue from the plate.
That's all for now, stay tuned for more Easter crafts!
Yours sincerely, Tegan.


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